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High-performance Additions to Meraki Switching and Security

One of our preferred networking partners have released a bunch of new products today read more below to see whats new!


A new line of stackable, high performance switches

We are adding a family of powerful switches which can be stacked up to 8 units with 160 Gbps of stack bandwidth. Customers will be able to build resilient networks that use all uplinks, maximizing throughput between switching layers. Management of both standalone and stacked switches will remain seamless and scalable with Meraki Virtual Stacking, allowing administrators to manage thousands of switch ports from one dashboard. THE MX84

A new addition to our security appliance family

With 2-3x the throughput and more than twice the port count of the MX80, including two SFP ports, the MX84 is a powerful addition to the mid-range of the MX product line. Because of the increased deployment flexibility that comes from higher performance and the added LAN ports, this new security appliance is ideal for customers whose deployment needs are not satisfied by the MX80, but whose budget does not accommodate the MX100. IWAN BETA

New IWAN features for the MX product line

We are making it easy to take full advantage of multiple WAN links in distributed networks. New IWAN features for the MX product line will be available in beta in late November, allowing customers to enhance the unique and powerful Meraki Auto VPN feature with dual-active VPN, load balancing, policy-based routing, and performance-driven path control. Learn more about IWAN on Meraki at

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