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Meraki VoIP phones in Canada

Meraki VoIP phones in Canada, finally they have arrived!  We have been waiting for these to come to Canada for sometime now.  These are a fantastic addition to your already existing Meraki network infrastructure, with zero on-site configuration this is the Tesla of VoIP phones in the SMB market.  Reach out to us today to get more info about these amazing units.


Canadian customers can begin a free trial of the MC74. Every customer will get $20 of free SIP credit, which can be used to test out the system in their own environment.

Use MC and Dashboard to deploy phones in new locations—even a home office. Anywhere with an Internet connection can now have an enterprise-grade phone system, without the headache of setting up and managing a complicated PBX.

Since the launch of Meraki Communications last May, customers all over the world have been asking for the MC74. Our team has been hard at work scaling out the integrated experience of Easy On-boarding to different geographies, and we are excited to be able to deliver that same intuitive experience to Canada. It is important to us that customers are able to purchase phone numbers though the Meraki Dashboard, to ensure that the process of deploying a phone system only takes minutes, not months.

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