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What do we do?

Picture yourself sitting around a cozy campfire with friends. The campfire keeps everyone warm, the flames are hypnotic, and there’s something magical about it. But, to keep the campfire burning and safe, someone needs to add logs, control the flames, and make sure it doesn’t go out or spread uncontrollably.

Now, imagine your business’s computer systems as this campfire. It's where all the action happens! But, just like a campfire, it needs tending to keep it burning brightly and safely.

Enter Campfire, your Managed Service Technology company. They're like the seasoned campfire tenders. They've got the firewood (tools and software), the marshmallows (extra goodies like antivirus and backups), and the know-how to keep that campfire in tip-top shape.

If the flames get too low (your system slows down), Campfire is there adding logs and stoking the fire. If there are too many sparks (security risks), they’re right there with a trusty water bucket.

Campfire keeps the warmth and magic in your business’s tech going strong, so you can sit back, roast marshmallows, and share stories without worrying about the fire going out or getting out of control.


In essence, Campfire is there to make sure your business’s tech campfire is the gathering place for success. Warm, safe, and perfectly toasty!

Campfire Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is the lifeblood of our success.  Without these amazing individuals we are nothing. 

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