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Critical High Sierra Root Vulnerability

A new vulnerability has surfaced that is extremely dangerous.  Any person who has remote or physical access to your computer can effectively take admin control of it without knowing any passwords.  The reality is today we continue to face security challenges.  What ultimately helps separate the vulnerable from the protected is being prepared for such things.

At Your Server is proud to say that our entire fleet of customers is already protected from this vulnerability.   Because of our suite of tools and management systems we have in place we were able to rectify the issue on any systems running High Sierra.  This also solidifies our management protocols because we blocked High Sierra from our fleet of machines as we felt it was too early to deploy.  We do apologize to the early adopters for having to wait it out!

We are happy to assist our customers in this process and ensure their machines are managed and protected from things just like this.  Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page to hear how we can being to protect you.

Link to Vulnerability:  ArsTechnica

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