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4 Ways to Force-quit a Frozen Mac App

Freezes, crashes, hangs… they happen, even with the best Mac apps. Here are four ways you can force-quit an app that’s not responding:

  1. Click the Apple menu and choose Force Quit (or press Command-Option-Escape), select the offending app, and click Force Quit.

  2. Option-right-click (or Control-Option-click) the frozen app’s Dock icon and choose Force Quit.

  3. To force-quit the frontmost app immediately, press Command-Shift-Option-Escape.

  4. Open Activity Monitor, select the process in the list, click the X button on the toolbar, and click Force Quit.

If one method doesn’t work, try it a second time, and if that doesn’t work, try another. If nothing works, restart your Mac. Remember that you may lose unsaved changes when force-quitting an app.

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