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The Three Who Became One

Sept 19 2023 - We are happy to announce the creation of Campfire Technology Inc. created by three existing Apple focused MSPs. Campfire Technology Group (Winnipeg), Berti Group Inc. (Calgary), and At Your Server Ltd. (The Greater Toronto Hamilton Area).

At Your Server Ltd., is merging together with Berti Group Inc., and Campfire Technology Group Inc. to form one unified organization named Campfire Technology Inc. (DBA Campfire)

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who have stood by us throughout these years. We are currently in an exciting phase, as we are confident that this development will significantly elevate our service offerings. In an era where technology is pivotal to the success of businesses, we acknowledge the continuously evolving complexities that accompany this growth. To preserve our fundamental commitment to integrity and customer-focused approach, it has been essential for us to fortify our team with individuals who share our core values.

Our expanded team, now comprising of approximately 18 members, will be strategically positioned across Canada, with a presence in Calgary, Winnipeg, and the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area.


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