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Have Siri Alert You to Disable Do Not Disturb

It’s easy to turn on Do Not Disturb on your iPhone manually, such as when you’re going into the movies or a doctor appointment, and you should do that to avoid unwanted interruptions. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the moon-shaped Do Not Disturb button in Control Center. But it can be hard to remember to disable Do Not Disturb again when you’re done. It would be nice if you could get Siri to disable Do Not Disturb after a couple of hours, but that doesn’t work. You might think you could ask Siri to set a reminder to turn off Do Not Disturb, but the mere fact of having Do Not Disturb on blocks reminder notifications. However, alarms do work, so you can say “Create an alarm called ‘Turn off Do Not Disturb’ for 4:30 PM.” That should help prevent missed calls, texts, and other notifications that Do Not Disturb would block.


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